Irish Capuchins Overseas Missions

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The Capuchins in South Africa

In 1929, the Irish Capuchins arrived in Cape Town, South Africa.
At present, there are sixteen Capuchins in South Africa.
The Capuchins are present in four provinces in South Africa. Apart from the Irish missionaries there are also missionaries from India and from Tanzania.

Cape Town

We still have our Cape Town foundational parishes in Athlone (St Mary of the Angels) and Parow (Immaculate Conception) and have been in Welcome Estate (St Theresa’s) for many years.

Port Elizabeth

You will find us in Malabar (Our Mother of Perpetual Help) and Charlo (San Francesco).


Once we ran three parishes in this town. We no longer have parochial responsibility, but own a house which we will reoccupy when we again have students to attend the nearby St Joseph’s Theological Institute at Cedara.

Pretoria (Tshwane)

Under the jurisdiction of the South African superior, is a Capuchin house named Padre Pio and concerned with the education of new Capuchin friars. It caters for students from all over Africa. Also at this house is the office of the Damietta Peace Initiative, which is a Franciscan peace-making project founded by Br. Donal O’Mahony.


Of necessity we have worked chiefly as parish priests. The needs of the Church have made that obvious. Nevertheless, this has not altogether precluded friars from other ministries. These are examples:
  • Formation (training) of new young friars
  • Ministry to convents, including confessors
  • Marriage Encounter
  • Prison ministry
  • Retreats
  • Seminary teaching
For further details, please check out our website:
Our contact addresses in South Africa are:
P.O. Box 118, Howard's Place 7450
Cape Province, South Africa
Tel: 0027-21-6370026
Fax: 0027-21-6370014

Capuchin Friars
31 – 4th Street
Welcome Estate 7764
Cape Province
Tel: 0027 21 6374637
Fax: 0027 21 6374637

Mary of the Angels Parish
Lawrence Rd,
Athlone 7764
Cape Province
Tel: 0027 21 6966713
Fax: 0027 21 6964834
Capuchin Friars
P.O. Box 16452
Gelvandale 6059
Port Elizabeth
Tel: 0027 41 4524674
Fax: 0027 41 4561857

Capuchin Friars
P.O. Box 8728
Cumberwood 3235
Tel: 0027 33 3945334
Capuchin Friars
P.O. Box 11939
Pretoria 0048
Tel: 0027 12 3455290
Fax: 0027 12 3455291

Capuchin Friars
P.O. Box 1081
Parow 7499,
Cape Province
Tel: 0027 21 5911911
Fax: 0027 21 5921337

Capuchin Friars
(San Francesco)
P.O. Box 15685
Emerald Hill 6011
Port Elizabeth
Tel: 0027 41 3671930
Fax: 0027 41 3687187
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